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Our History

The Alpha Omega Foundation US was incorporated in the State of NY in 1969. In 1971, the Foundation of Canada was incorporated. In 1973, the London Trust, which is the charitable arm of the London Alpha Omega Chapter, was officially chartered in the UK.

Historical Highlights in the US

As early as the 1930’s, Alpha Omega members led efforts to help the less fortunate in need of dental care. Practically every Alpha Omega Chapter adopted programs to help meet those needs throughout the world. Some of the early and more noteworthy efforts were:

  • Alpha Omega joined the National Refugee Service in rehabilitating refugee dentists and technicians, and providing dental care for indigent refugees fleeing Europe.
  • In WWII, over 1,800 Alpha Omega members served in the armed forces of the US and Canada with 19 giving their lives.
  • A welfare fund was established to help returning veterans.
  • A Student Loan Program was instituted.
  • Mobile dental clinics were donated to the Canadian Dental Corps and to the US Army.
  • Dental materials and supplies for overseas survivors were shipped to Europe, Cypress and other countries to which refugees had fled to escape Nazi atrocities.
Historical Highlights for Israel

With the influx of refugees prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, all Alpha Omega members supported various efforts to help the fledgling country. Some of the more notable ones were:

  • Hospital, field equipment, as well as qualified teachers were sent to help in establishing a Dental healthcare system.
  • Established a retraining program for Dentists emigrating from other countries. (Israel had no licensing examinations for dentists until 1997, at which time the retraining program was expanded).
  • Founded the Hadassah School of Dental Medicine at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1964. Shortly thereafter, the Alpha Omega Research and Post graduate Center was dedicated. That was followed by the establishment of the D. Walter Cohen Center for Dental Studies in the mideast.
  • In 1970, Alpha Omega helped to establish a teaching facility at Tel Aviv University under the TAU Administrator regime headed by University President, Moshe Many. The major contributor was the Goldschleger family of France and in 1978 the Gabriella and Maurice Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine Founded by Alpha Omega at Tel Aviv University was officially dedicated. (The groundbreaking ceremonies for what is now the present building took place in 1981.)
  • Alpha Omega Foundations (in 1970’s and 80’s) reached out to dental care for the needy using mobile clinics. It was a prelude to what was later to become “The Alpha Omega Global Oral Health Initiative (GOHI)”.
  • Beginning in the early 1970's, following into the 1980's, programs reflecting the establishment of two Dental Schools in Israel, reached out to other needy causes in that country. Similar projects and programs reached out to communities beyond. "Community and Global Outreach