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Global Oral Health Initiative

Dentistry for All volunteers
Dentistry for All volunteers
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GOHI At Work Internationally


In the past decade, Alpha Omega members have expanded their outreach care as part of their newly formed GLOBAL ORAL HEALTH INITIATIVE (GOHI).  Programs have been established during Alpha Omega Conventions through a one-day program dedicated to “dental awareness” programs for local residents. Other examples of GOHI follow:

  • Dentistry for All-Alpha Omega members and senior dental students from the Calgary, Canada and Chicago areas travel to Guatemala, where funds have been raised to build a dental clinic and establish an oral health program that was non-existent.
  • Jewish Healthcare International-aid to Baltic Countries.
  • Support for the International Joint Distribution Committee (JDC.) The most recent aid was to the beleagured city of Tblisi, Georgia (former Soviet Union).
  • Establishment of D. Walter Cohen  Mid-East Center for Dental Studies at Hadassah.- "A center for Dental education that promotes cooperation in the field of Dental Medicine between the countries in the Middle East to help in the consolidation of a true peace between Israel and Its neighbors."
  • Establishment of “Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders”-This alliance has been signed and enacted by 41 representatives of Dental Schools and health-related organizations ‘across the globe’! This produces an interchange of ideas and opportunities for dental schools wherever they may exist.
  • Established a blue-ribbon commission to form an alliance including the Foundations of the US, Canada, Israel, the London Trust and the open commitment of members and chapters in countries such as France where government laws do not allow establishment of Foundations and Charitable Trusts. Since the birth of the US Foundation, it is estimated that charitable contributions from various Foundations, Trusts and individual members have exceeded millions of dollars!!

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