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GOHI At Work in Israel


With the new-found interest in dental health, education, and care in Israel, Alpha Omega Chapters around the world answered the call to the needs of the disadvantaged in Israel. Some of the facilities that Alpha Omega Chapters aided are listed here. These are but a few as there are literally hundreds of worthy institutions that call for help. Alpha Omega has answered the call:

  • DVI (Dental Volunteers in Israel) - treating needy children in Jerusalem; Jews, Christians, and Arabs alike.
  • Facilities and programs for homes for the physically and cognitively disadvantaged: Jerusalem Children’s Dental Center, Yemin Orde Village, Beit Issy Shapiro home, Aleh Negev, Meshulash Center for the Aged, Hertzlia Center for the Blind and many more. Aid was produced through Alpha Omega’s Grants program, as well as from direct donations and campaigns.
  • Rambam Maxillo Facial Center-caring for, among others. victims of the Israeli “war-years”.
  • Kibbutz Dental program - volunteer dental care in areas that were at one time affected by geographic indistribution of Dentists
  • Project Renewal program-aiding projects in new settlements offering homes for new immigrants. The most globally recognized settlement is Sderot adjacent to the Gaza.

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