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A "Thank You" from Israel
An emergency grant was awarded to a village for disadvantaged young adults whose facilities, including the dental clinic, suffered from the devastating Carmel Forest fires in Israel in 2011.
"On behalf of the children and staff at the Village it is my pleasure to thank you for your support and recent donation. This gift will be used to support the fire recovery efforts."

Karen Sallerson
Friends of Yemin Orde

Read Friends of Yemin Orde (PDF) letter
Yemin Orde fire
Yemin Orde after the
devastating fires

The Ark Grant Thank You
Jerusalem Dental Center Thank You

"Thank You" from Rockville, MD

This letter is from a gentleman who received pro-bono dental care as part of a “Holocaust Survivors’ Campaign”, directed by one of Alpha Omega’s active chapters in concert with their city’s Jewish Social Service Agency.

Dear Dr. Meyer:

For the last three years I lost several teeth and suffered discomfort and pain. I continuously received dental care with various results.

Three months ago I started treatment in Dr. Meyer’s office which was very successful. Now I have new lower dentures and several crowns. People find my smile beautiful. I can eat and enjoy my meals!

This experience proved that the right doctor can do wonders. I am really grateful to Dr. Meyer for wonderful job he has done and gladly recommend his 5 star service to my relatives and friends.


Iosif F.
Rockville, MD


Since the inception of the Alpha Omega Foundations in the 1960s, millions of dollars have been contributed via grant requests to help fund thousands of worthy projects and programs around the world.

The lives of countless individuals have been improved due to the volunteer efforts of dentists and dental students, with the support of Foundation grants.


Grant 2017 Grant Recipient
$10,000 Hebrew University School of Dental Medicine (Annual Grant)
$10,000 Tel Aviv University Dental School of Medicine (Annual Grant)
$50,000 Tel Aviv University Dental School of Medicine (Dental Care Grant)
$1,000 Havatzelet Culture and Education Institute/Natan (Dental Care Grant)
$3,072 Jewish Social Services Agency Holocaust Survivor Dental Program (Dental Care Grant)
$13,642 Alpha Omega/Henry Schein Cares Holocaust Survivors Oral Health Program (Dental Care Grant)
$24,000 Purchase of Sterilization Cassettes for Tel Aviv University (Dental Care Grant)
$2,500 Alpha Omega Philadelphia (Educational Grant on maxillofacial care of Syrian refugees at Ziv Hospital in Tzfat, Israel)
  Grants from Donor Advised Funds
$2,500   University of Alabama School of Dental Medicine (Research Grant)
$2,000   Ben Massell Dental Clinic (Dental Care Grant)
$1,800   Harvard Tree of Peace Student Grant for Mission Trip to Hebrew University School of Dental Medicine (Dental Education Grant)
$10,000  Kids Smiles of Philadelphia - (Dental Education Grant)
$11,000 Harriet Rothman Memorial Garden at Tel Aviv University School of Dental Medicine (Dental Care Grant)
$141,514   Total Grants in 2017
Changes to Our Grant Awards Program Starting in 2014
The US Foundation will no longer accept Grant Applications from the public, however, we will be supporting new and existing programs which further the mission of our
Global Oral Health Initiative


Just a Few of the Many People Helped by
Alpha Omega Grants and You!

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