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The US Foundation relies on the sale of tribute cards to support its philanthropic work to fulfill its mission: Reaching out to the needs of Dental Health, Education, Research and Care throughout the world. They are a very special way to mark a life event.

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Inspiration in Israel

by Marc Rothman

I recently toured Israel to experience firsthand the people, organizations and work that our Foundation supports. The visits were both inspiring and yielded a sense of accomplishment. Experiencing the appreciation both Israeli professionals and the general community expressed for our Foundation’s philanthropic investments reaffirmed the importance charitable investment in the US Foundation has in its grant-making ability to impact global dental health. The fraternal bond we have in the dentistry profession unites us in a common goal - helping others in need and empowering others with the highest quality educational opportunities advancing training in the field of dentistry.


Left to right: Marc Rothman (US Foundation Chairman, Stella Chaushu (Pofessor at Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Dental Medicine (HUSDM), Adi Garfunkle, (former Dean of HUSDM and former head of D. Walter Cohen Center for Middle East Dental Education)

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