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The US Foundation relies on the sale of tribute cards to support its philanthropic work to fulfill its mission: Reaching out to the needs of Dental Health, Education, Research and Care throughout the world. They are a very special way to mark a life event.

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Together We Grow

by Damon Bradley

Damon Bradley, Executive Director, AO Foundation US

Honesty and openness are core values that I promise to bring to this post. Our shared success in fulfilling the Foundation’s mission will successfully engage those in or serving the dental world. At the same time, inspire the general community yielding new public and private partnerships that will advance the Alpha Omega mission.

“Learning is more important than action – when it leads to action.” – Talmud

Giving of your time will help me better understand needs and opportunities we might solve together. Along the way, we both will be able to teach one another some things that can improve our shared purpose.

Knowledge yields opportunities to engage people to become involved. Working together we will take action so those investing their valuable resources (time and finances) with the Foundation feel the positive impact of our partnership.

Life is busy. It’s hard to separate the clutter of challenges and frustrations from what really matters – our passion.

Humanity is our passion light. Embracing ways to give yields the light that others may follow. When we are passionate we are fulfilled. This makes life’s accomplishments more rewarding and life’s challenges less burdensome.

I look forward to meeting and working with you. Thank you for being a member of Alpha Omega and a valued contributor to the US Foundation.