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AKIM Israel Open Wide Program

Opening Doors, Improving Lives

AKIM Israel BrochureThe goal of AKIM Israel is to improve the quality of lives of people with intellectual disabilities by allowing them to work and earn a living in the dental profession. Traditionally, adults with disabilities have attended sheltered workshops that are facility-based day programs as an alternative to working in the open labor market. AKIM Israel, however, has initiated an innovative model of the Supported Employment Program, which offers a training program to educate people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and integrate them into the professional dental market.

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The program will train these individuals with the goal of their inclusion in the dental field and provide them with an opportunity to earn a respectable living and develop independence. The program will also teach the participants work-related social skills, which are essential to enhance their independence and facilitate their full integration in society. This life-changing program will be carried out by AKIM Israel's Professional Occupation Department in conjunction with the Dental Schools at Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University.