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Wendy and Michael Spektor
Wendy and Michael Spektor

Donor Advised Funds

The Alpha Omega Foundation’s Donor Advised Fund is a simple and convenient way to give charitably, receive a tax deduction and support Foundation grants.

With a minimal gift of $10,000, a fund will be established and earmarked in an investment account. A percentage of the fund, on the advice of the donor, may be used each year for grants that meet the Foundation’s mission.

Please contact the Foundation for further information.

"Wendy and I have always believed in being able to perpetuate our charitable giving. In addition it made sense to get our children involved so opening a donor advised fund seemed like an excellent way to accomplish both. We can discuss as a family where the money well be best used and can add to the fund during the year. We have had a family Foundation housed at the Jewish Federation for some time. Since the goals of the Alpha Omega Foundation coincides with part of our giving, opening a fund within the Foundation was a good fit. At the time we helped fund the Bernard Rothman Oral Surgical clinic at Tel Aviv University. We can also see which grants to the Foundation need help and can give some of our funds toward these requests. We are fortunate to live in this country and to partake of what it offers and this is a small way to give back."

Michael and Wendy Spektor
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