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Current Installations

Hebrew University - Hadassah
Jerusalem 2010

AT Still University
Arizona 2011

Temple University
Pennsylvania 2012

Al-Quds University
Jerusalem 2013

Harvard SDM
Boston 2014

Other universities have adopted this symbol as well and have displayed it on their campuses. More universities will be installing the Tree of Peace in the near future.

Tree of Peace Installation

Because there is an inextricable link between our GOHI efforts and the fostering of peaceful relationships with other schools, projects and programs around the world, we have adopted, with the blessing of the artist, the "Tree of Peace" design as Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity's new symbol of philanthropy.

Tree of Peace

About the Sculpture

The sculpture represents peace, health and hope. As you look at the the tree, you can recognize the Hebrew letter Shin, representing the word Shalom (Peace) and a dove sitting on a branch. Also entwined in the trunk and branches is the letter Chai (life).

Artist Hedva Ser
It was designed and crafted by renowned artist, Hedva Ser of France.

The original sculpture is on the campus of the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine in Jerusalem, first presented to Hebrew University by Alpha Omega member, Allen Finkelstein, in memory of his parents.