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Tribute Cards

Tribute Cards are an excellent way to express caring thoughts to friends, relatives, colleagues and patients. Order them individually and we will mail them directly to a specific recipient for you.  For your convenience, order a 6-pack of Standard Tribute Cards and send them out whenever an occasion arises.

cards.gifMany of our members are accustomed to sending Tribute Cards in order to recognize significant occasions in the lives of friends and relatives. 

Recipients of Tribute Cards Will Appreciate Your Thinking of Them! 


Buy Online

Tribute CardDescriptionPrice Ea.Buy Online
Platinum Tribute Card  Individual Card (Mailed by AO) $100.00 Buy Now
Order 1 Card
Gold Tribute Card  Individual Card (Mailed by AO)  $36.00
Standard Card 6-Pack 6-Pack (Mail Yourself) $35.00
 * For Gold and Platinum Tribute Cards, a record of your caring will be printed in the Alpha Omegan Journal. 

Order by Phone, Fax or Email

You may also order these same cards directly through our Foundation Office:

  1. Call the Foundation Office at 301-738-6400 (or Toll Free 1-877-368-6326).
  2. Download the PDF Order Form and fax it to the Foundation office FAX (301) 738-6403.
  3. Or Order and pay online via the Foundation web site: