International Collaboration and Dental Retraining

Visit by Ukrainian Delegation

The surge of minimally and inadequately trained Russian immigrant dentists in Israel led to a pressing need for a comprehensive retraining program to standardize the quality of dental care. In response to this challenge, Alpha Omega, through its foundation, took on the initiative and provided crucial support and guidance, successfully retraining over 350 dentists from the former Soviet Union. This effort aimed to enhance the overall dental healthcare standards in the region.


The importance of these international partnerships and the commitment to advancing dental care is ongoing. In 2023, the Chairman of the Alpha Omega Foundation US, along with the Russian American Dental Association (RADA), facilitated a visit by a Ukrainian Dental Delegation to observe and understand the training methodologies employed in the United States. Their goal was to bring valuable insights and ideas back to their home country. The visit to Temple University Dental School marked a significant stride in global collaboration, fostering the exchange of knowledge and expertise to strengthen dental education.